I was so determined to post something everyday on my blog.  I did not take into consideration that the flu season is still in it’s last gasps and somehow, it gasped on me.  This makes only the third time in 60 years that I had the flu and it was just as rotten as the first two.  Feeling better.  My sympathies to anyone that was bitten by the flu bug (nasty, little bugger) this season.

An interesting update on my last post – Mercury Retrograde. One of the aspects of a Mercury retrograde is the high possibility that someone from your past might get in touch.  A classmate from high school, whom I had not seen for many years emailed , out of the blue, to purchase a copy of “Turnipseed’s Bookstore”.  I’m not saying that the retrograde action of Mercury had everything to do with her request but she emailed when she emailed.  Two other friends that I had not seen for a while called and the entire MR experience was delightful.  So . . . Mercury retrograde, as annoying as it can be, certainly has it’s nice surprises.  Still, I am looking forward to April 23rd.


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  1. Stacie(Alix) says:

    Hi mimie, cool website goodnite love you

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