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I was so determined to post something everyday on my blog.  I did not take into consideration that the flu season is still in it’s last gasps and somehow, it gasped on me.  This makes only the third time in … Continue reading

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Mercury Retrograde (Astrology is So Cool)

We are experiencing an astrological action known as a Mercury Retrograde.  The following article is a little simplistic but give one a good idea of what it is and what happens during a retrograde.  Warning . . . there are … Continue reading

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Christmas Moon

This is a story that kicked around in my head for a while before I got it written.  There really was a Jasper and he certainly was different.  It’s a little eerie but I think it’s an interesting point of … Continue reading

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Chapter One

Chapter One “Are you going to be here on Wednesday?” Emmeline turned away from the book invoice she was checking, and looked at Ophelia over the top of her reading glasses. “Of course I am.”  Something about the set of … Continue reading

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